All prices and dollar amounts on this Website are in Canadian dollars. BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING presently accepts the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard. We reserve the right to stop accepting credit cards from one or more issuers.

We are able to accept the following credit cards:

In order for you to register with and order products and services from BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTINGit is necessary for you to provide and keep on file a valid, authentic and current credit card, which you are authorized to use. By submitting a credit card number to BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING you are representing and warranting that the credit card information you provide is valid, authentic, current, and one that you are authorized to use it. You agree that in the event the credit card information you have provided becomes invalid, out of date or that you are no longer authorized to use the card, you will immediately provide another credit card number that is valid, authentic and current, and which you are authorized to use. Some electronic transactions may require extended processing in addition to credit card authorization. You will be notified by a BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING customer service representative if extended processing is required to complete your transaction request through our Website. This may affect to your estimated delivery date.

Unless BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING agrees otherwise, all product and service orders must be paid for at the time of the order and accompanied by an authorization to charge a credit card on file with BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING or to charge a valid, authentic and current credit card, which you are authorized to use, that you provide at the time of the order. (If new credit card information is provided at the time of the order it will be added to the credit card information kept on file; BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING will not assume that previously provided credit card information is not valid). If a charge against a credit card you provide is not authorized or accepted, or is subsequently refused or rejected, we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice or liability.

In the event that BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING and you have agreed upon an alternative method of payment and the payment is not received within 5 business days of the date on which payment was due you hereby irrevocably agree that BEST DEAL GRAPHICS & PRINTING may charge one or more of the credit card(s) you have on file for the full amount of your outstanding account balance.

Sales Tax

Sales taxes may apply to your order depending on where you live. Please check your area below for more details:

  • The 13% Tax (HST) are applied to the orders delivered for the whole Canada with the exceptions of the listed provinces.
  • Only the 5% Canadian Federal Sales Tax will be applied to these orders, except for Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick and New Foundland who will be charged for the HST 13%. Nova Scotia who will be charged for the HST 15%.
  • No Sales Taxes for U.S. Customers
  • Canadian sales taxes do not apply to U.S. customers. Therefore, our U.S. customers are not charged any sales taxes, Canadian or American, provided their order is delivered to an address in the U.S.